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In Veer, you navigate the world through solving logical puzzles. By shooting at a pylon, you teleport to the second pylon, but with the same relative position as you had to the first one.
You can also change the gravity in four directions through ramps. Turn your world around, teleport yourself past obstacles, and find your way through the temple!
The game is created by 2 persons, and is in development.

Plattform: Windows

Some Fish Lerum

Veer is a game that is solely focusing on the gameplay, and on giving the player that ”Aha!” feeling you get when figuring something out. To achieve this we let the player figure out how to beat the puzzles on his own, and explain by using scaling puzzle difficulty and complexity, rather than simply telling the player what to do. This type of play is fitted for more experienced logical puzzle players, but can be enjoyed by everyone, given a little patience.

It takes a few levels to really get it since its a little different, but try to complete as many levels as possible!
An older demo:

We do however recommend the judges to play our latest build instead, which isn’t public yet.
If you aren’t provided with one through Guldchipset (we are trying to go that way) Send a message to

How to teleport.

The player can teleport to 2 different places for every pair of teleporters, depending on which teleporter is used. As shown above.