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Traverser is an adventure game where you play as Valerie Bennett, a traverser. As a traverser you can flip between the two sides of a underground city in order to discover the secrets hidden behind centuries of lies and propaganda built up by the mysterious Raven Corporation.

Plattformar: OS X Windows

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Gatling Goat Studios AB Karlshamn

The world as we know it relies on the energy from the sun. Without it we would perish. In Traverser we played with the thought of having a world without a sun. The core of our story was based on the fact that a sunless world would mean no photosynthesis, which in turn would mean no oxygen and cause oxygen shortage.

Long before that happens though it would be impossible to stay on earth because of the cold, but where in the world would you be able to survive from such an apocalypse? The only place that would remain warm enough would be below the surface, because of the layer of ice above that would work like an isolator, capsuling the hot core below, making earth to a ice-based spaceship.

The two-sided underground city, called the Corporation governed by a totalitarian authority under the name Raven Corp, who rules the Corporation with oxygen.

• Fully voice-acted dialogue.

• Stylized 3D-graphics accompanied by hand drawn 2D-cinematics.

• Explore a city split into two different sides: Upper and Lowertown.

• Use flip stations to flip between the two mirrored sides of the city connected by gravity plates.

• Use your very own Gravity Glove to move, thrust and attract objects in order to solve various missions or tasks given by the citizens.

• The game is divided into three acts, filled with sneaking, tweaking and traversing.

• Dark cartoony 2D-graphics for narrative-enhancing, cinematic elements.

• Raven guards – the enemy which the player must evade at all costs.

• Mutated zombie rats
• Yes, mutated zombie rats!

Hand drawn 2D-cinematic

Traverser – Official Sneak Peek Trailer