Tower Offensive

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Tower Offensive combines two popular genres, creating a challenging environment for those that enjoy them both.

Plattformar: Android Windows

Deconstructed Development Visby

Tower Offensive is a match three, tower defence game.

The main gameplay is that the player matches three or more of the resources on the matching field and depending on which resource the player chooses to gather they will be able to buy different towers. These towers are needed to prevent the oncoming forces reaching your encampment.

By combining the basics of match three with Tower Defence mechanics we hope to create a new and fun twist to these popular genres.

The player will have a hero that represents them in the game and by levelling this hero, the player unlocks new resources and tower upgrades.

The setting of the game is fantasy, medieval and the inspiration for our artstyle is from disney’s ”Sleeping Beauty”.

Gameplay video

This is the main menu.

This is one of the levels in the game where multiple paths are introduced.

This is the tutorial level, that introduces the player to the game.

This is the background image for the world map where the player chooses which level to play.