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Stairs is a horror game where you follow a protagonist whose sceptical world view gets crushed when paranormal activity begins to conflict with his life. With the use of cameras and a recorder he sets out to find the truth behind these happenings.

Plattform: Windows

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Greylight Karlshamn

Stairs is a horror game were the player takes the role of Christopher Adams (the protagonist). He has been missing for almost a week and the police has made no progress in locating him. The player enters his apartment and finds strange documents left by Christopher. These documents reveal Christopher´s descent into a dark and unknown part of an abandoned factory where he confronts some of his deepest nightmares and discovers things that should not be.
Christopher explores the ruins of the old factory, long since left to decay out of sight. Through the documentation that he leaves, the player will experience his fears and follow him down as Christopher faces his darkest nightmares. Using both a camera and audio recorder the player can explore and solve puzzles in order to unlock secrets that will shed light on what is happening to Christopher. And why.

Spelet är fortfarande under utveckling, och ett antal saker har ändrats från tiden vi skapade vårt demo.

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