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SNOW is the first free-to-play, open-world, winter sports game.

Plattform: Windows

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Poppermost Productions Stockholm

SNOW will reinvent the winter sports experience by redefining scale and controls to truly capture the majesty of the mountain.

Teaming up with over a dozen of the biggest brands, athletes and trend-setters in the sorts, SNOW will offer exclusive content such as entire catalogs of the latest season’s products for character customization, and events and challenges to test the player’s skills.

Players will also have the opportunity to change the way the mountain looks by dynamically placing jumps, rails and other features around the mountain while they explore. Never has a mountain this big been created in a game full of fun and exiting areas to explore and compete in – alone or with friends!

SNOW ”M3″ Developer Video, showing the latest features and updates to the game (May 2014)

SNOW Early Access Release Trailer (October 2013)