Hype 31

Knô is a simple multiplayer game supporting up to 16 players in local play. A basic prototype version of the game exists and it’s very fun to play. The goal of the game is to push boxes to your base and keep them there while trying to mess things up for the opponents.

It takes less then two minutes to learn and it creates an even playing field between newbies and veterans. The best team play will win every time (almost).

Plattform: Windows

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Secret Mission Göteborg

The current project status is that the game is being re-created in Unity3D to make it platform independent, improve performance, add new features and solve most of the prototypes hardware limitations.

The plan is also to create another arcade cabinet for the game, with a better screen and proper arcade controls.


A random generated level

Space Theme

4 players enjoying the arcade version of Knô (up to 16 players supported)