Embers of Laponia

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What happened to the gnomes, trolls and giants that used to wander through the landscape in the north of Scandinavia?

Plattformar: iPad OS X Windows

Ola Schubert Hägersten embersoflaponia.com

Embers of Laponia is a thriller adventure game about the young Sami girl Aiila who wanders off in the old forests of north of Sweden and stumbles upon the hidden world of Laponia. The story is inspired by Sami culture and religion, and takes place in a world created before Christianity spread its influence. A world of ancient magic and strange creatures.

The ambition with Embers of Laponia is to both highlight Sami culture and Nordic folk lore, as well as re-thinking the way adventure games are designed. The dialogue trees commonly used in point & click adventure games has been replaced with a behaviour driven dialogue system to make the dialogues more alive, and mental images are used to replace the classic inventory system.

Aiila meets a troll