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Eternal Resonance: Arena is a top down fixed camera perspective 2.5D RTS/MOBA strategy game.In where you either play as the commander or as an champion, but even though you have different roles you have to work together with your team members to beat the enemy team by destroying their commander.

Plattform: Windows

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Escape Reality Studio Visby escaperealitystudio.com

The commander is responsible for building barracks, towers, generators, healing wells. Each has their unique function barracks spawn minions while towers protect capture nodes. There is one primary lane in the center of the battlefield and two lanes that can be captured and built on to spawn more minions for a total of three different lanes.

The commander however can not capture them, he needs aid from the champions to capture these vital capture nodes and build structures on them. They have powerful abilities and are juggernauts on the battlefield together with the commander they form an unstoppable fighting force.

If you have ever wanted to see a combination of the team play required from MOBA games together with the strategic and tactical senses of an RTS, this is the game for you!

In E.R.A we are fusing two different Genres of games MOBA and RTS, both of these genres are heavily focused on ESPORT and so are we.

By combining these two genres and converting it into an multiplayer environment we are trying to create a next generation ESPORT game.

What we are building is an prototype which we will display at GGC 2014 and SGA, this will be the basic template we will use while developing this game during next year and by the end of our education release it, the production is also up on Indiedb and Facebook.

We are a team of students working in Visby out of Uppsala högskola campus Gotland.


This picture contains the human factions main base, you can see the commander platform and most of the structures they can build (barracks, towers, generators).

Here you can see our big boss Snappy, when your team manages to defeat him you will gain a huge amount of experience and unlock a new ability for your commander.