Don’t Look

Hype 3

Seeing without looking- a game were you don’t look at stuff.
Don’t Look uses eyetracking to create a new kind of gameplay previously impossible.

Plattform: Windows

Some Fish Lerum

The Toobi EyeX eyetracker is a device used with the pc that tracks were the player looks on the screen, and uses that information as an additional user input. may be used to make things happen where the player looks. Or as in our case, dont look.

Which animal?
Guess which animal the silhouette on the screen belongs to. Seems simple? The moment you look at the silhouette, you lose!
avoid looking while seeing using peripheral vision!

Secret Crush
The love of your life stands before you! The longer you look at them, the greater you feel. you’re very shy, so avoid eye contact!

Dont look into the sun
Everyone knows to avoid looking straight the sun. What if the sun did everything to be looked at?

Which animal? Try to guess which one it is ….

…But if you look at it, you automatically lose!

Jump to 22 minutes and 30 seconds for our presentation :)

How the eyetracking works.