Dead Strains

Hype 8

Fight and Win World War Z !
As the Zombies.

Experience a true zombie survival game ! No it’s not about humans trying to survive in a world filled with zombies. That would be a human survival game. This is about zombies trying to survive in a world filled with humans.

You can think of this simulation/RTS hybrid that it’s like the Sims, but with zombies….. The humans are not there just to be zombie food, they live in the world and interact with it just like a sim does.

Every game is unique, every choice matters as it will change the world in this zombie war sandbox experience.

Plattformar: iPad Windows

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Defrost Games Malmö

The consists of two layers that interact with each other, instances and World map. Iinstances is where the player engages the humans at a specific location. The game builds on the interactions between these layers to create a unique simulated zombie war for each player.

In an instance the player plays the game a bit like an RTS game in that he controls his troops and acquire new resources, while the world map view in many ways reminds of X-Com

If humans escaping from an instance is bearing with them knowledge about the virus you will be able to see them and their effect in the world map. You will also be able to move hordes around or do research. While you are in the world map all the instances will keep on evolving. Learning and adapting to the ongoing zombie threat to tie it all together into the simulation.


* Knowledge
Like in all wars, information is the most important part even in the Zombie War. Once humanity learns how they work Zombies are easy pickings.

* Infection Based Gameplay
Infection based gameplay is based on a simple premise; your enemy is your resource! You start every location with just a small force. As you work carefully to outmaneuver and outsmart the humans your force grows into a bonefida zombie horde.

* Build your own Zombies
As the scientist behind the zombie virus your zombies aren’t the garden variety zombies you have seen in the movies. By putting together gene after gene as you are building your own unique DNA strains, this gives the player control of customizing his gaming experience by building the zombies that fits his style of play.

* World Map level interactions
While you do battle with mankind in the locations the Meta game is where things gets really interesting. Depending on the order and timing of your attacks the whole world will change.

* Influence Based input controller
For our zombies we have went with an influence based mechanism. Thanks to this our controls scales seamlessly from 5 zombies up to 500 allowing for true horde-sized gameplay without requiring the player to relearn his controls.

* Zombie Movie Homage
Experience for yourself all the famous locations from the zombie movies like“A cabin in the woods” or” The Mall”. Visit new ones you will recognize instantly like “Zombies on a Plane”.

Some zombies standing ready to cutting off humans escaping from the instance

Humans just living their life unaware of the zombie threat

A small horde moving in towards the cabin above

Concepts for some of the visual mutatins your zombies will recieve.

Some concept for the human archetypes available in the game.